Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PDF and PPT Viewer - WordPress plugin for embedding documents to your posts

Recently Google published Google Docs undocumented feature that let us embed PDF documents and Power Point presentations to the webpages. Surprisingly this document viewer isn't created with Flash. All the user need to view documents is love JavaScript. Of course I couldn't ignore this cool feature and created WordPress plugin that let you embed PDF and PPT documents to your posts. The plugin is called PDF and PPT Viewer.


  1. Upload pdf-ppt-viever folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

Basic Usage

It's extremely easy to use PDF and PPT Viewer. Just start writing a new post. Then, when you need to insert PDF or PPT file to your post, press Add Media button above WYSIWYG editor. Then go to the desired tab and insert a file to the post in a usual manner. If this file is a Power Point presentation or PDF document, the plugin will determine it automatically and do the rest of work for you. As a result you'll get the file embedded to your post in the manner that is shown here. Note that if you insert the file from your media library, you should set Link URL to the File URL.

You can set size of the viewer to fit the theme that you use. Go to Settings -> Miscellaneous in the WordPress menu and set corresponding values in the PDF and PPT Viewer settings section.

Advanced usage

PDF and PPT Viewer supports shortcodes. It means that you can write code like [pdf-ppt-viewer href="document_uri" width="viewer_width" height="viewer_height"], e.g. [pdf-ppt-viewer href="http://infolab.stanford.edu/pub/papers/google.pdf" width="400" height="500"], which will embed PDF or PPT document to your post. All arguments, except href, are optional. By default, widht and height of the viewer are set according to blog settings. Using this way of embedding documents, you can save your time and have a better control over viewer's size.

Supported platforms

PDF and PPT Viewer supports all modern browsers. The plugin doesn't require installation of non-standard PHP extensions on your server, so you will not have problems with your hosting provider. PDF and PPT Viewer works with WordPress 2.8 and higher.


PDF and PPT Viewer in WordPress plugin directory


Good luck!

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Rajesh Narayanan said...

Very nice tool, but wish it had more features (say removing the zoom controls/ open in google docs button etc) and also maybe setting the color of the viewer (but I doubt if these are feasible given the way in which the plugin is designed)!

popwireless said...

Ir would not install in 2.8.4. "Plugin has invalid header" error.

JediZED said...

Wouldn't install for me either. I really like the sound of this plug-in though.
WordPress Version: 2.8.4
Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
Parse error: parse error in \wp-content\plugins\pdf-ppt-viewer\pdf-ppt-viewer.php on line 218

Jesse said...

I'd love to check this out, but I'm getting the "invalid header" error as well.

Rajesh Narayanan said...

Guys even I got this error but I guess its just because its inside a folder which is again inside a folder in the zip file. Just extract the innermost folder and make a zip out of it and use wordpress plugin install by upload on this zip file instead. Hope it helps! It worked for me!!


Vladimir said...

Sorry guys, it's my mistake. Rajesh Narayanan is right, please follow the steps he described to fix the error. This bug will be fixed as soon as possible.

ihsan said...

why this plugin need for Wordpress 2.8?

I think that this plugin is not support PPT but i real things is my file is more than 2MB. Google just...[let see Google Docs statement]

After i get a research. We need to know this:
Types of files that you can upload:
Documents (up to 500KB)

* HTML files and plain text (.txt).
* Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Rich Text (.rtf), OpenDocument Text (.odt) and StarOffice (.sxw).

Presentations (up to 10MB from your computer, 2MB from the web, 500KB via email)

* Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps).

Spreadsheets (up to 1MB)

* Comma Separated Value (.csv).
* Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files and OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods).

PDF Files (up to 10MB from your computer, 2MB from the web)
PDF/PPT size allowed is 2MB

refer to: http://docs.google.com/DocAction?action=updoc&hl=en

hehehe...what ever..

thanks!!!! let embed the google resources into your plugin.

Vladimir said...

I have just changed directory structure of my plugin and so the bug that was reported in the comments above is fixed. But is it really MY bug? I think WordPress should follow directory structure proposed by the plugin author instead of inserting all the plugin contents in one directory created automatically.

Craig Hesser - Vacuum Distillation 101 said...

Hello, I like the idea, but I have a strange problem - on one blog (theme "Green Beast v.2") it works exactly as you describe. On another ("This Just In"), exactly the same page entry only creates a clickable pdf icon which links to the pdf file. Both on WP 2.8.4. I know from chatting with the author that the Green Beast theme is stricly XHTML compliant. I don't know so much about This Just In.

I have the two blogs side-by-side on my screen (Firefox 3.5) and what I described above is what I get.

Any ideas how I can display the pdf file in the This Just In blog?


Oh, by the way, I had the same loading problem, which becomes obvious if you download, unpack, and upload.

I had a different problem in my system with the quotation marks in the plugin code showing up as singles (') instead of doubles ("). That killed the action on the one that is now working until I fixed it.

Thanks for the idea!

Craig Hesser

Vladimir said...

@Craig Hesser - Vacuum Distillation 101
I think the problem is that the Green Beast theme doesn't call wp_head() template tag. PDF and PPT Viewer uses JavaScript to display documents, and these scripts are not included to the web page. The solution is simple: just call wp_head() template tag before closing <head> HTML atg in your template.

Pascal said...

I works! :)

JC said...

Installed perfectly in WP 2.7.1, just exactly what I needed for one of my posts.

Thanks Vladimir!

Saludos desde Colorado, USA

Vladimir said...


ahamed said...

This plugin works great for me. Thanks Vladimir. But i have a doubt, will the contents inside the pdf be listed in google search.

Craig Hesser - Vacuum Distillation 101 said...

@Vladimir - I checked, both blog themes have the "plug-in hook" wp_head() in the header. Is the viewer in any way connected with widgets? "Green Beast" is a non-widget theme.

Kevin said...

I'm getting a square with a Big Red X inside it rather than the actual PDF file. Any insight on this from anyone?

Robert said...

So. this plugin is exactly what I need! However, I cannot get it to work on 2 different sites. On one it does nothing, no PDF link or icon or anyhting. On the other it shows a red-x in IE and a small caption box frame in FireFox. Both create a clickable link - neither show a PDF box. Any suggestions?


Wayne (Dubbo) said...

Same with me - does nothing!

Robert said...

So 10 days later.. No response.. Is there somewhere else I should be asking?

i would love a bit of advice on why this plugin might not display correctly.



Vladimir said...


The problem is probably because of theme you use - not a plugin itself. If you can see a PDF icon, but not a PDF box, this means that your theme does not support custom js inclusion. All you need is to include <?php wp_head(); ?> code to your header.php file.
However, the plugin has an issue - currently it tries to determine PDF files by URL, i.e. if the file has pdf extension, it assumes it's pdf file, otherwise not. It would be more correct to use cURL php lib and perform HEAD request, but it caused problems on lots of hosting providers (including mine). If you don't even see a PDF icon, it's probably this issue. I will create a workaround as soon as possible.
Thanks for your report.

Dave said...

Great plugin! I'm also having the "Red X" issue for PDFs, but this error appears only with Internet Explorer. The document seems to load correctly with Firefox.

NERATH said...

my plugin installs correctly but when i try to insert pdf I get nothing in my post. But if i use the shortcode from your site it inserts just fine?

Can u tell me whats wrong? why it doesnt work when inserted through the wysiwyg. But the advanced shortcode works?

Tammi said...

The img src reference needs to point one subfolder down. Currently, it's referencing the folder in which the php file is. The images are buried one folder deeper.

Carlos Reynoso said...

I'm using this great plugin at my site, for instance, http://carlosreynoso.com.ar/area-de-sociedades-artificiales-y-modelos-basados-en-agentes/

It works nicely on every conceivable combination of OS and browser, except on Windows Vista and Explorer 8, where even a small PDF document is not displayed. Clicking on the "Open in a new window option" allows to read the document, but I'll appreciate a more elegant solution.
Thanks in advance

Nick said...

Solution to the "Big Red X" issue in IE:

I had to manually create a file called pdfppt-settings.js.php and place it into the same directory as my PDF-PPT plugin files.

It now works, but is throwing a different error.

Jon said...

I was getting this error too:
Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
Parse error: parse error in \wp-content\plugins\pdf-ppt-viewer\pdf-ppt-viewer.php on line 218

It was because my php.ini file has the following setting:
short_open_tag = Off

To fix it, I made the only short tag a full tag in pdf-ppt-viewer.php function pdfppt_input_field, line 153 "< ?" to "< ? php"(remove the spaces)

Prat said...

Hi there,

The plugin sounds good.. and i tried it.. but somehow i can't get it to work...

here is where I am trying to put a pdf.


Tobias said...

Cool Tool!
i like that verry much
but i have one issue i can´t get working:
i have a .php file, wich dynamicly generates an url to a
pdf Document... i would like to use that link in the pdf viewer.
i tried e.G.
[pdf-ppt-viewer href=/pdf_link.php width="400" height="500"]
could you give me some advice how to get that working?

Tobias said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bassey said...

Hello everyone. Thanks for all the tips

The plugin works well in Firefox, but not in IE. I use Vista Business/IE8.

Has someone been able to find a way to make it work with IE?

Mel B. said...

Same here, the plugin works well in Firefox, not always in IE7 and IE8.

Mel B. said...

Here are javascript errors returned in IE8:

Unspecified error. 4236719430-gview_local_gview_base_mod.js, line 102 character 342

Unspecified error. 4236719430-gview_local_gview_base_mod.js, line 37 character 51

Remco said...

for me, works in FireFox, but not in safari.. any suggestions?

We-Sing said...

It doesnot work at ie.
But it works well in Chrome.


Why? Who can help me?

Indira la mariposa furiosa said...

Hi, I just installed the plugin and have the pdf icon linking to the pdf file. When I view my site source code, the header is calling for 2 files one of which is not inside the plugin folder nor the zip file.
this is the file -> pdfppt-renderer.js and I think the reason why some people cannot make it work. wphead is active, so it has nothing to do with it.

We-Sing said...

We change the paths,
and it work well in Chrome,
but no good in ie8.

j-michel.harouy said...


I want to install your plugin, and Wordpress retrun this message :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /.../wp-content/plugins/pdf-and-ppt-viewer/pdf-ppt-viewer.php on line 218

Can you help me please.

Jais said...


Is it possible to search PDF text through this. Please let me know.

lisa said...


I have tried to install this wonderful sounding plug-in to our site but although it uploads the pdf file there is only an error display inside the post. (A box with a question mark appears where the PDF is supposed to be showing.).

If you click on the questions mark box it will take you to a page with the PDF but the PDF is not being embedded into the post.

Can you advise? THANKS!

Bunny said...

I have the same comment as lisa
I realize that it may not be compatible with the latest WP 2.9.2 and I so want to be able to use this plug-in or one that does the same thing.

quote from lisa
I have tried to install this wonderful sounding plug-in to our site but although it uploads the pdf file there is only an error display inside the post. (A box with a question mark appears where the PDF is supposed to be showing.).

If you click on the questions mark box it will take you to a page with the PDF but the PDF is not being embedded into the post.

Can you advise? THANKS!

And double thanks from me too

Vladimir said...

Thank you very much for using my plugin and your bug reports. Unfortunately, now I don't have enough time to fix them, I'm too busy with my full-time and freelance job. I'll fix all the bugs as soon as I'll have more free time.
Thanks again.

The said...

Hi V! I'm having the same problem that Craig Hesser - Vacuum Distillation 101 had where embedding the pdf file with the the plugin "only creates a clickable pdf icon which links to the pdf file. "

I checked the header.php file and the " " call is present. Any chance you found a solution or workaround?

Any ideas on to get this to work?


daves said...

Excellent help! Thank you for this great tutorial!!
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Kevin said...

Simple plugin with awesome power! Thanks, this is *almost* exactly what I was looking for.

The "almost" comes in with the default display of the embedded file. I want to use this to display a PDF file in a 600px wide box. After going through both code files in the plugin, and changing all "width" settings to 600px, I'm still getting the default 400px wide viewer. I don't want to use a shortcode as the person that will be maintaining the site needs it as simple as we can get.

Any suggestions would VERY welcome! Thanks again.

sarapol said...

Please have a standing ovation from me.

After trying many methods to show documents without downloading either by trnasforming them into jpg or swf, your plugin works flawlessly with my website, in a very simple way.

Check it at http://www.ilac.dusit.ac.th/?p=325

The version of my wordpress is 2.8.6.

Boss 2010 said...


I'm also having the "Red X" issue for PDFs, this error appears only with Internet Explorer.
With a follow on IE:

Message: 'document.getElementById(...)' is null or not a object
Line: 321
Caractere: 1
Code: 0
URI: http://www.scientia.blog.br/wordpress-2.9.2-pt_BR/wordpress/

Boss 2010 said...

Thaks your help

michaelvk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tommy Boy said...

Thanks Vladimir. Works great!!

Kletskater said...

I'm having the "Red X" for PDFs, this error appears with Internet Explorer8
In Firefox the Red X or what entry to the .pdf file does´t appear whatsoever.
I hope someone has an solution for me

Artiste Contemporain said...

Good Plug-In, but I can't change viewer settings width and height. It come back to 400X500 px

Dean said...

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fantutu said...

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Knut Sparhell said...

This plugin causes fatal error upon activation and is refused by my WordPress. The reason is that on line 152 in the pligin php file there is an attempt to start a php script section using the short open code "<?" instead of the recommended "<?php.

Only a few PHP server setups allow the short code.

Please fix for your your next release.

shapeshifter said...

Hey I think its a great tool but when i install in on the latest wp version and when i click on add media into the post adding a ppt into it, nothing seems to happen.Could you advice me.

David said...

Unfortunately, it doesn't work correctly on iPhones - Safari obviously has a problem, and I had one single-page PDF that I could not persuade it to display at all. On top of that my employer blocks google docs, so unfortunately it's a wash out at the moment...

It looks really nice thoguh. Thanks for the idea.

Steve said...

Hi..for some reason the page shows, but it shows as broken page and the pdf page does not appear as a pdf but a broken page in the post. Any ideas how to fix?

christine said...

the html code created is not consistent with WP directory structure . the gif image is in lower level of folder . As a result the pdf gif image is not found

Guim Bonaventura i Bou said...

Anyone can confirm it works on Wordpress 3.0.4?

David said...

Hi there, when I upload the PDF file using the media tab, once completed all I get is a link to the file in my post (no code) and on my updated page all I see is the link that only allows me to download the PDF file...NOT to view it in the web page. Any thoughts? Cheers, David

youlacka said...

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sam said...

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Webmaster said...

Hi, I like the look of your plugin, but can't figure out a few bugs. Is it compatible with WP 3.X? Would my theme (Atahualpa) be the source of the problem? I've tried your basic instructions, which yielded a blank link but no plugin, and the advanced, using Google Docs for hosting (with permissions set to Public-on the web, of course!).

If you get the chance to take a look (www.circleofmybrotherskeeper.org), I'd really appreciate a more experienced eye!

All the best,

ebx said...

Love this plug in! But is there a way to make the view secure "ie: https://docs.google..." thanks!

steflad said...

great plugin but I have to add shortcodes to make it work, even though wp_head(); is included in the header.
Got this error message when I insert a pdf:
Warning: parse_url() expect, exactly 1 parameter,2 given in …pdf-and-ppt-viewer/pdf-ppt-viewer.php on line 18

maybe taht can help!

office said...

Hi! Could You tell wether the tool works with 3.1.1?? 'Cause I can't say so.... :((((

Carlos Reynoso said...

Suddenly PDF & PPT Viewer stops working on Firefox. I guess I was setting some security parameters, but I don't remember which one. It is working fine on IE and Google Chrome on Windows 7. On Firefox 5.0 I see a blank space.

Please let me know if there is some workaround to this issue.

Thanks in advance,


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שגיב SEO said...

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Cat said...

Any updates on why the plugin doesn't work with Safari? Looking great on Chrome and IE. I know that Safari can be really picky when it comes to code...

jhonjimmy said...

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Charlotte said...

All I'm getting is an "?" blue square instead of the pdf... do you know why ? thanks !

GillBates said...

almost works for me with WP 3.2.1, after some tweaking and only with shortcodes and not with every browser...
so heres how i got it to work:
1. extracted as it was to plugins dir
2. changed url on line 14 to /wp-content/plugins/pdf-and-ppt-viewer
3. changed url on lines 79, 82 and 86 to /pdf-ppt-viewer/icon_ppt.gif
4. added a newline after line 216
5. removed whitespace from the end (nothing comes after ?>)
6. activated from plugins page
7. used shortcodes like this [pdf-ppt-viewer href="http://www.example.com/example.pdf" width="600" height="800"]

i hope this info helps somebody.

tested on these:
Safari 5.1, seems to work
Opera 11.52, seems to work
Firefox 6.0.2 shows the pdf for a brief moment, then brakes.
IE9 shows small pictureboxes (so many as the pdf has pages) but nothing is viewable
Chrome shows nothing...

so, in my book it ALMOST works

GillBates said...

almost works for me with WP 3.2.1, after some tweaking and only with shortcodes and not with every browser...
so heres how i got it to work:
1. extracted as it was to plugins dir
2. changed url on line 14 to /wp-content/plugins/pdf-and-ppt-viewer
3. changed url on lines 79, 82 and 86 to /pdf-ppt-viewer/icon_ppt.gif
4. added a newline after line 216
5. removed whitespace from the end (nothing comes after ?>)
6. activated from plugins page
7. used shortcodes like this [pdf-ppt-viewer href="http://www.example.com/example.pdf" width="600" height="800"]

i hope this info helps somebody.

tested on these:
Safari 5.1, seems to work
Opera 11.52, seems to work
Firefox 6.0.2 shows the pdf for a brief moment, then brakes.
IE9 shows small pictureboxes (so many as the pdf has pages) but nothing is viewable
Chrome shows nothing...

so, in my book it ALMOST works

GillBates said...

smth happened...
when trying out other plugins on the same page, it started to work more.

update on testing:
Safari 5.1, seems to work
Opera 11.52, seems to work
Firefox (just updated itsself to 8.0), seems to work.
IE9, seems to work
Chrome 15.0 still nothing.

GillBates said...

I previously tryed this on localhost, after uploading files to webhost, Chrome 15 also kinda started to work...

so, i'm confirming now, that this works with WP 3.2.1, when changing some lines

Alex said...

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hardeep singh said...

its works fine thanks for this

hardeep singh said...

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mtaHarlemLine said...

I really liked this plugin, but on my site I use the Lightbox 2 plugin. If I have your plugin turned on, however, Lightbox does not function... so I had to turn it off :(

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papa d'alexane said...

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sam.stephan9 said...

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papa d'alexane said...

Work with firefox 11.0
Don't work with firefox 12.0

P. A. Rincon said...

Hi Vladimir,

I recently uploaded the plugin to my wordpress and it worked fine for the first two days. Now, on the third day, every pdf that I upload shows up as a different article I have never seen before. I hope this isn't a virus to post someone elses article instead of mine on my site. The article that shows up is, The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual
Web Search Engine. You can see my page below.


Vladimir said...

@P. A. Rincon

The page you posted as an example returns 404... However, you can be sure it's not a virus or malware, I haven't updated this plugin for a long time, and I didn't receive complaints about security yet. This plugin relies on Google Docs API which is undocumented so probably they've decided to close this feature.


Admin said...

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how to use it manually

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julien bovigny said...

Please please help.
It works for me but all I get is a link not as you showed here, embeded pdf: http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2009/09/embeddable-google-document-viewer.html

And I should clik the link twice to get the pdf

Why ?

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Anuj Varma said...

The viewer just stopped working all of a sudden. My ppt file is under 2 mb- I have checked all usual suspects (file location etc.).
Not sure what happened - but if any of you have an idea, I would appreciate it.

Here is the link to the wordpress page containing the PPT.


riveraaissa said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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Marion said...

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