Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who is the hottest?

I have just developed new iGoogle gadget for Hot or Not called Hot or Not Lite. It does almost the same things as the previous, but without tabs stuff. With Hot or Not Lite you can choose which pictures (girls, guys or the best) to see in the gadget's settings. I have three reasons for this decision. First, a lot of users don't need to see all this stuff - girls, guys and the best. For example, I watch only girls' photos. Second, tabs and user preferences didn't work well with syndication services - for example, they didn't work properly with Blogger. I don't know whether it's a Blogger issue or syndication issue in general. Third, the gadget will be more lightweight because of tab's absense.

Both of the gadgets for Hot or Not are usable and attractive. I developed the second gadget to satisfy more users' needs. But if you want to embed it to your website, Hot or Not Lite will work better. Install, use, enjoy and become the hottest!

Install Hot or Not Lite on your iGoogle page

Embed to your website

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