Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sexy Combo 1.0.1 updates

I have just released Sexy Combo 1.0.1. In the new version you will be able to customize combobox's width. I have also fixed some Opera bugs.

I will continue to work on plugin customization and fixing browser-specific bugs.


Anonymous said...

Plugin looks very nice.
1. A little bug: try to use tab key on your demo page (using firefox-2). Combos don't shut when you leave widget. Mouse click helps.
2. Do you plan to extend plugin in such way: generate combo on the fly by javascript array (if key-value pairs are specified)?

Vladimir said...

Thank you for bug report, I will fix it in the nearest future (maybe today). What about feature, I don't plan to extend the plugin in this way, because I don't think this feature is necessary