Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What am I proud of

In my previous post I briefly spoke about my recent project and invited anyone to register for a site and try it in action. Today I want to elaborate on the merits of the application from my point of view. So what I am proud of:

  1. The application is purely ajaxian . What does this mean? From the user's side this is complete absence for page reloads. This saves time and traffic of users, and subject to frequent use this effect is especially palpable. Thus, the "fans" of the application are encouraged automatically. From the perspective of a programmer it is the complete separation of client and server side. The server keeps the data and the client receives it at a time when it is needed. In my case, the client is JavaScript code that runs in your browser, but it can be desktop application, application for mobile phone, Facebook or MySpace application, and much more. And this does not need to change the server part.
  2. The high level of customization. Based on my personal experience I can say that users always appreciate the opportunity to upgrade. People like to have power over what they enjoy. In particular, they love to visit sites that are configured in accordance with their own unique demands, even if they do not use this opportunity. The developers, in turn, are able to observe the behavior of their users and to go after them. If you give your users a clear algorithm of action (the best in your opinion), then you lose this chance. There is no perfect solution, but there are options best for each individual. And only this person knows this option. My job as a developer is to give him the opportunity to rebuild the application according to his needs.
  3. The existence of hidden opportunities, such as hot keys and permalinks. You can start using the application right now, but soon you will get used to it, and you will want something more. People like to discoversomething new.
  4. Easy and intuitive interface of the application that makes it look like traditional desktop solutions, very fast registration .
  5. The presence of a small social element in the application. Phonebook was created not only to store but also to exchange contact information. To do this, there is a system of controlling access to books. You can make some of the contacts publicly available, some - password-protected, but some - to keep private. The existence of password-protected books is, in my opinion, similar to the concept of friends, so fashionable today. While my decision is, in my opinion, more versatile and gives more space to users.

    That's it. In one of the following posts I promise to tell about disadvantages of my application and possible directions of its development.

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