Friday, October 31, 2008


One of the main advantages of Web applications is the possibility of continuous development. The concept of versions in Web programming is almost absent, and the user always receives the latest version of the application. Developers, in their turn can continuously improve their application to test new ideas in practice, and instantly eliminate mistakes. This is much more flexible and effective approach.

I thought about ways to further develop my application and now want to share these thoughts with you. Of course, perfection has no limits, but this is what I would like to implement first.

Global search of contacts.

Currently, it is possible to search in the books that are opened at this time. It is usable live search, but it is still not enough. If there is a possibility of creating public contacts, user must be able to find them. Without this application lose a lot, so this opportunity will be realized as soon as possible.

The possibility of copying contacts.

In my application user can see not only his books but also books belonging to other users, if he has appropriate permissions. But only books belonging to you appear first. It may happen that you need contacts from other's books quite often, and in this case it is much easier to copy those contacts in one of your books than constantly open other's. This opportunity will also be implemented as soon as possible.

Creating applications for social networks.

My application is not social in the usual sense, but at the same time, his goal is to help to people be in touch. I think many users will want to know about updates in the public books of his friends and acquaintances, and simply add contacts through Facebook or MySpace. In addition, people often need this communicating in social networks.

Creating applications for mobile phones.

I think it's clear.

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