Monday, October 27, 2008

The first post

In my first post I want to tell you about the project which worries me. This is a Web application that I wrote this summer escaping of the terrible heat at home. I haven't been invented the title yet, I'll have to work at it. I myself call it Phonebook, but,i think, it's too trivial. Besides, at this stage it doesn't matter.

Internet, among other things, is also a powerful tool for communication. A lot of my friends use it solely for that purpose. But we also use traditional tools for communication such as telephone, mail, and personal communication. Furthermore, the more traditional way people communicate, the more they tend to be closer to each other. Found at Facebook or other social networks, people often share phones and other contact information. Moreover, the Internet offers a huge choice of tools for communication - e-mail, social networks, blogs, instant-messengers ... There is a problem - how an ordinary person can store all this information in a simple way. Software for mobile phones is often able to store only (wow!) phone numbers. There are desktop applications that allows you to keep contact information, some of them are very usable. But I have not found a web-based applications designed for this purpose, and decided to fill that gap.

Currently application is under testing. I think only users can really test the product, so I decided to open access to all visitors. If you have desire to do so, follow this link. Leave all feedback, notes and complaints in comments.

P.S. Temporary hosting for my application is granted by Witamean web studio.

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